Frequently Asked Questions

How to install the LANVisor?

Extract the installation archive to any folder on your hard disk.
Right click on the LVSetup file and click the Run as administratorcommand.

There are two steps to installing the system.
The first step is installing the client program of the system on computers, which you want to observe.
Choose Client and follow the installation wizard’s instructions.
The second step is installing the server program on your PC.
Once again start the LVSetup file on your PC, and choose Server while installing.

To try out the LANVisor, you may install its both parts (server and client) to the same PC.

Are there parameters to start installation?

Start installation file LVSetup.exe with a s parameter to make "silent" installation of the client program. A window of the installation program will be hidden in this case.
In a "silent" mode the client program will be installed with next default settings:
- Access Restriction disabled;
- Port 4127;
- Show Tray Icon disabled;

To set parameters use next commands:

port -value sets the port of the client program;

tray -yes / -no show / hide program icon in system tray;

npwd -password / -no sets access password. -no disable Access Restriction;

opwd -password of installed client program a necessary parameter if a client program already installed and access restricted.

Command line examples:

LVSetup.exe s
Silent installation with default 4127 port. System tray icon is hidden. Access Restriction disabled.

LVSetup.exe s port -3241 tray -yes npwd -password
Silent installation to a "3241" port. System tray icon shows. Access restricted with a "password".

LVSetup.exe s opwd -oldpass tray -no
Silent reinstall of a client program with "oldpass" access restriction. System tray icon will be hidden. Other settings of installed client program will not be changed.

LVSetup.exe s opwd -oldpass npwd -no
Silent reinstall of a client program with "oldpass" access restriction. Access Restriction will be disabled. Other settings of installed client program will not be changed.

How to start?

To get started, make sure that the client programs of the LANVisor is installed and running on remote PCs.
Run the LANVisor program.
Right click on the window
Choose Edit...from menu.
Enter a new computer name or IP address of the remote PC in Computer Name field.
You can see the computer name of the remote PC in the LANVisor Client window. You can open this window with the Ctrl+Shift+F12 hotkeys by default. Replace content of the field Command line of the Remote Control Software to new line
C:\Windows\System32\mstsc.exe /v:Z87M Click Apply. Click Start button on a Client Window. After establishing connection you will see the remote desktop picture.

Also please watch video on how to getting started with LANVisor.

Why a client is unable to connect to the server?

There are many reasons to the remote PC's is not connected. One of them may be:

  • The client program is not running on the remote computer;
  • The IP port or IP address or Computer Name on the client and server do not match;
  • The access passwords on the client and server do not coincide;
  • The computer running the application is overloaded;
  • The user has blocked the session and logged out;
  • The client and/or server's network operations are blocked by a firewall, or by other (virus/antivirus) software, or by network hardware settings.

Tooltips in dialog boxes

Pay attention to the help button in the dialog boxes.
Hints help you understand the settings and principles of working with the software.

How to hook up the remote control software?

It is very convenient to use your favorite remote control software by connecting it from the LANVisor to a remote computer with one click.

By default, for remote control used the RDP utility that embedded in Windows. However, it is possible to use any other remote access software that has the ability to accept startup parameters from the command line.

To do this, open the Edit Client dialog box using the F2 key or the "Edit" command from right-click menu, and change the command line of the remote control software.
For example, command line for the Ammyy software might look like this:

d:\downloads\AA_v3.exe -connect 77777777 -password 88888

where the "77777777" and "88888" - ID and the password of the remote Ammyy program, respectively.

For the TeamViewer software the command line might look like this:

c:\Program Files (x86)\TeamViewer\TeamViewer.exe -i 777777777 --Password 8888

The parameters for launching remote access programs can be found on the websites of the software developers.

After applying the settings, the remote control program can be called up by clicking the button on the toolbar of the client window, or with the Ctrl + Enter hotkeys.